Angela Kinney Miller

Profile Updated: July 9, 2009
Residing In: Brownsville, MN USA
Spouse/Partner: Ken Miller
Occupation: Pyrotechnics, mom, Mary Kay consultant, waitress
Children: Tesla Anne , born 1990;
(dad-Armando Rodriquez '69-'93);
Howard Isaac Newton, born 2003;
Benjamin More…Curtis, born 2004
Yes! Attending Reunion

Some of you might be surprised that I'm alive! That was pretty creepy to go on here and see that I was deceased! Anyway, after graduating, I immediately got pregnant and moved in with Armando Rodriquez. Not exactly what I had in mind, but wouldn't trade her for anything! She's finished her first year of college in Winona and doing great. I went to the U of M for a couple years and split up with Armando. I met a gal at college who took pics of fireworks with a local fireworks club. I went to her house to whine about my recent boyfriend who was cheating on me. Her friend, Ken called her up to whine about his wife who left him. So she said, "you two whine to eachother and handed me the phone". Tesla and I moved in with him in ND, where he worked at a fireworks plant. We then moved to MO, MT, back to ND and now Southern MN. We've been together for 17 yrs now. In MT, we lived in the foothills of the Absaraka Mt range. Just gorgeous! Every day those mountains looked different. We lived right down the road from Mel Gibson's ranch. And we crossed his cattle grazing land to get to our house. We met a guy there (Howard) who ended up staying on the property and helped with our various pyro projects up there. We were pretty isolated there and Tesla was lonely. Howard was a simple but smart guy, a bit autistic but had a heart of gold. He was just like an uncle to Tesla. We sure had fun climbing around those hills up there, but needing some financial backing, we moved to ND and brought Howard with us. In 2000, we had an accident. You might have heard it in the news. Howard ignited a batch of the colored smoke that we filled into cannisters for the airshow pilots. The roof collapsed on him and needless to say, his precious life was lost. Ken tried to save him and himself sustained burns on 30% of his body. He would have died if his angel didn't trip him on the way out of the shop when a second blast passed over him by 18 in. right when he landed on his face. Our guardian angels are here with us. After 5 wks and skin grafting, he was able to come home. We immediately got married in TX and honeymooned on SPI. We had Howard in 2003 and Benjamin in 2004. They both also struggle with autism and I am well on my way to healing them. Autism is not something one is born with. It is an illness that is reversable. Ask me if you're curious. It's one of my passions to tell people all about it. I've been selling Mary Kay for a few yrs and love it. I'm also a waitress at a local restaurant which is a lot of fun and a workout. Good money and an extra plus that I'm finally losing my baby fat! I'm happy in the country, but sometimes miss the city. Been living rural for 17 yrs. I have a feeling that living rural is going to be very much coveted very soon. It will be fun to go to the reunion, but hope I can get away from work. At least it will be fun to communicate with you from the grave. Just kidding. Just had to say that. () ;-)

School Story:

I was drawn to North High because I was interested in the Technical magnet. I loved TV production and think of Studio North often. I anchored the Studio North News and enjoyed everything from editing to camera to directing. I miss everyone there and wonder what everyone is up to. It was kinda like a family there and had some good times dinking around with special effects making eachother fly and eating pizza or burgers when we aired our live performances of Minnesota High School Quizbowl. We even had nice jackets we wore when going to other high schools to tape a live football game or something.

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