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01/10/09 10:08 AM #1    

Kay Farmer (Villarreal)

Welcome to the North High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/09/09 07:26 PM #2    

Brian Litecky

Dang where is everybody? KInd of lonely in this box by my lonesome HEY! SOMEBODY! CAN YOU LET ME OUT?

05/06/09 04:55 PM #3    

Kay Farmer (Villarreal)

You're not alone out there....

05/07/09 03:14 AM #4    

Brian Litecky

So you think but in all reality I am so profoundly alone I may not even exist


05/11/09 02:42 PM #5    

Kay Farmer (Villarreal)

Why so melodramatic?

07/24/09 09:30 PM #6    

Brian Litecky

I am not melodramatic at all I am just existential as always. I mean ordinary reality is such a drag why bother being there at all? Empty yourself of the limitations you believe you have to place on yourself and become what you really could be. I hope you can feel me?

07/28/09 04:56 PM #7    

Kay Farmer (Villarreal)

Lighten up francis...there's a light at the end of your tunnel! Things seem low now...their bound to get better. And you know I will talk to you later...

08/07/09 12:39 AM #8    

Angela Kinney (Miller)

Hey everybody!
I don't know how y'all thought I had passed, but I am quite alive and loving life! Cherishing this time is what it's all about. Enjoy this peace time while it lasts, because this country is on the verge of something really ugly. I look forward to seein' some of ya in a couple weeks. If we weren't friends before, let's change that. Can't wait to see ya soon at the reunion!!!!!
();-) Angel

08/18/09 02:56 PM #9    

Angela Davis

hello everybody! hope to see you soon!

11/10/09 02:40 PM #10    

Donecia Norwood (Smith)

I'm out here as well.

Does anyone have a copy of the 20th reunion photo that I can post on the alumni website? We should also post one here...

06/03/10 12:01 AM #11    

Donecia Norwood (Smith)

 Does anyone have mad love for North High? If so send a letter to the district offices and tell them to keep North High School open, flood with students and keep out the drop out prevention and teen pregnancy programs. These programs are putting the squeeze on North High as we know it! The current students want to keep their high school open but need support! Call fox news, channel 5 and let them know that North High school is being squeezed out by the above programs so that the district can spend $12 million on new office space!

12/27/10 01:33 AM #12    

John Cook

wow not alot of people here


02/22/11 12:23 AM #13    

Gerri Hill (Amira Lewis)

Hello to all my fellow Polars.  Hope everyone is well!!!!! 

09/08/16 07:58 PM #14    

Angela Freeman (Norby)


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